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I'm a software engineer working out of Bay Area in California. I've worked for many big names in Silicon Valley, and I've started my own company and exited with it. In that process I've developed opinions and regrets and I've been coerced to share some of these.

Not everything I write here will be correct, or insightful, or even worthwhile. I'm okay with that. Truth be told, I have a miserable history with blogging. I'll get a few posts written then get soured to the whole affair because of negative feedback.

Still, in some cases there are things I really want to talk about, and tweet storms are bad. It's my intent to generally migrate away from platforms that are essentially content sharecropping, producing analytics insights for ad firms. Such products served a valuable purpose earlier in the growth of the internet, but I don't think they're necessary anymore.

You might also like Twitter stream, but I'd recommend against it. My other productions are probably much more suited to casual observation.


Other Productions

The following may be of interest to you:



Several people gave me a hand putting this site together. Most formidable amongst these is the excellent help Kyro Beshay offered me, out of pure kindness. It was much appreciated. The publishing system I use (Hakyll) is the longtime labor of Jasper Van der Jeugt, who wrote Hakyll.